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 The Savannah Bus Hops app enables you to access key route information for Chatham Area Transit (CAT). Browse routes and pay your bus fare all in one place.



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With our app you can...

Find your route

Enter your destination and the app shows the quickest way to get there using the CAT bus system.

Purchase passes

Use your credit or debit card to purchase your bus pass anytime, anywhere.

Pay for others

Buy a CAT pass for anyone in your contacts list as a gift.




Our 12x 20" touchscreen is designed to withstand the elements and is conveniently located at each of our bus stops in Savannah. Browsing and viewing bus routes has never been easier!

With our touchscreen you can...

View bus arrival times

Track your bus in real-time so you never miss a bus again!

Browse routes

Choose from any of the 18 CAT routes across the city of Savannah and view key route information.

View the system map

Understand where routes intersect and where they run from a bird's eye view.

Download the app now!

Elevate your CAT bus ride experience while staying informed about the bus location in real-time.

Download on the App Store
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