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Reframing Loneliness

Uncharted is an exhibition based on overcoming loneliness created for the SCAD Museum of Art. The project was completed for Graphic Design Studio 1, which focuses on developing unique visual solutions across multiple media. Before designing the materials and environment for the exhibition the story was first created in order to ensure visual and thematic success. Although the actual exhibition itself was not created, themed walls and displays, narrative literature and interactive screens give the viewer a deep understanding of the exhibition and its intent.

The loneliness epidemic is a multi-faceted issue that affects a wide spectrum of people...

isolated walls-04.png

Loneliness is a feeling that must be assessed regularly as it has the potential to cause a painful experience for the sufferer. Studies show that solitude does not necessarily equal loneliness, as one can be physically alone but not feel lonely. Often loneliness makes individuals feel ashamed and fearful of establishing close connections with other people. If this act of not reaching out continues, legitimate feelings of isolation and depression ensue, negatively shaping one’s outlook on life and causing the present to feel bleak. While the topic of loneliness has been studied for some time, the experience of each individual is unique and largely uncharted, calling for careful examination in each scenario.








isolated walls-03.png

Sketches were completed of possible logotype ideas, with the text representing the meaning of loneliness...


In order to craft a unified identity, colors, a typeface and images were chosen to communicate the mood of the exhibition...

Screen Shot 2020-09-07 at 9.05.07 PM.png
Screen Shot 2020-09-07 at 9.05.26 PM.png

After developing the elements I would use to tell the story of overcoming loneliness, I sketched possible ways my elements would work on 3d walls...

Document 3_3.jpg
Document 4_1.jpg

After several rounds of exploring different layouts for the museum walls, I decided on these designs because they best represented the keywords I had chosen surrounding the loneliness epidemic...

other wall no fig-06.png
isolated walls-02.png
Project #2_#3_Lobotsky.jpg
title wall with me-10.png
isolated walls-01.png

"No matter where I am, it [loneliness] just doesn't go away...Overall, things have improved a lot, but I don't know if it's ever going to go..."


Document 6_7.jpg

After reading and digesting stories of people who struggled with loneliness, I chose to create a small booklet that would share these stories, complemented by visual imagery. As always, I began with sketches to understand how to approach my layout...

Printed prototypes in black in white to test the pacing of the booklet...


Final mock-ups of the triangular booklet, including front and back cover...

Project #3_#1_Lobotsky.jpg
Project #3_#3_Lobotsky.jpg
Project #3_#11_Lobotsky.jpg
Project #3_#13_Lobotsky.jpg

Wanting to further expand on the loneliness narrative, I crafted a touchscreen experience that the user could interact with, immersing themselves in the visual language of the piece...

Here's how everything I created looks in the SCAD museum. From the title wall to the poster to the interactive touchscreen experience, I wanted visitors to be challenged to reframe how they think about loneliness and realize the power they have to overcome it.

Project #2_#1_Lobotsky.jpg
Project #4_Lobotsky.jpg
Project #2_#4_Lobotsky.jpg
Project #2_#2_Lobotsky.jpg

For a closer look at the project, check out my process book...

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