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Project Duration

10 weeks


Graphic Design Media Management (GRDS 285) John Howrey


Adobe Illustrator, Keynote

Welcome to Buzz 2020, a fresh and inspiring conference for designers on the path to discovering their identity!

Target Audience

Anyone who wants to build upon their design skills and discover themselves as a designer.

Business Challenge

My goal is to create a Graphic Design conference hosted by SCAD in Savannah, GA that will focus on discovering yourself as a designer.

Consumer Insight

My audience is seeking out a conference that focuses on developing their future as a designer.

Creative Idea

My idea for the conference is to focus on modes of transportation including land, water and outer space to inspire designers to come to Savannah and discover their design future.  I will also highlight the name of my conference, "buzz" by using appropriate imagery.


I began exploring the visual identity for my conference by working with images that inspired me. I designed my moodboard to be light, fun and energetic. Light pinks and yellows that contrast with dark blues and purples are the main colors I focused on.


Based off of my moodboard images I constructed miniature compositions that combined text and image, exploring different ways to express the theme of my conference.
Moving forward I designed the different applications of my brand identity. Each of the following pieces uses similar visual imagery and type treatment to bring unity to the conference...

Motion Storyboard

animated title.gif


In my poster I included various modes of transportation that convey movement. My intent is to energize my audience to come to Savannah and discover themselves as designers.  I included my conference name and a bee illustration, drawing off of the word “buzz”. Below are the sketches that led me to my final poster.
promotional pieces-02.png
promotional pieces-01.png
promotional pieces-05.png
promotional pieces-06.png
promotional pieces-04.png

Save the Date Email

save the date email-01.png



Social Media Posts

tote bags-03.png
social media posts-01.png
social media posts-02.png

Digital Banner

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Mobile App


digital banner-01.png
signs and banners-03.png


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