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your personal cooking assistant

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Project Duration

10 weeks


Human Computer Interaction (IACT 315) June Yoon

Team Members

Nico Zafarana

Taylor Rosenfeld

Gabriel Vizzarondo

Isabella Munoz


Figma, Adobe CC

My Role

UX Writing and Research


Meli is a cooking service that provides home cooks with intuitive cooking, grocery aquisition and leftover prevention via an intuitive and interactive system. Meli offers an efficient grocery to plate process that guides cooks through each step they need to take to create their meal.

Meli Vision Video

Meli Vision Video
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We were given ten weeks to identify a real-world problem that we could solve. The project required an app and product that supported our concept.


1/3 of all food produced gets wasted and 3.5 pounds of food per person is wasted at home each week.

People all over the world are starving, while here in the United States and other countries, food is being underutilized.

Target Audience


Homecooks serving small households







Survey Results


Cultural Probes

Research Insights

Cooking for portions of 1 or 2 people is extremely hard to do efficiently

Our users recognize their food waste but have limited options for solving them

Users need to reference recipes and communication efficiently

Poor planning leads to a temporary solution and double waste

Time and money are top of mind when deciding on saving or even consuming food


With a solid understanding of our target audience, we began to write down our insights that would lead us towards a solution.

IMG_20200129_220500897_HDR (1).jpg
Screen Shot 2020-10-11 at 1.39.01 PM.png

How might we create a convenient, rewarding, and informative system to maintain leftovers for the user?

Persona 1
Persona 2


After identifying our key users and and their pain points and emotions, we gained a more holistic understanding of their stories and how we could design an app to serve their needs. We recruited real users to test the mid-fidelity version of our app, giving us valuable feedback about next steps.




Be more direct in addressing Meli's goal and the ways it can help you reduce food waste. Provide visuals so users understand the goal they are trying to achieve.


No clear identification of relevant features that are beneficial to users and their needs.



Change the menu headings to reflect how the user would naturally interact with the app. Establish a clearer hierarchy in the menus.


No apparent difference between the grocery and delivery list

Delivery/Grocery List

Home Page



Lack of focal point and diverse recipe visualization.


Make the recipe browsing process more engaging for users. Include larger photos to draw attention to the food.

Final Design

Our app walks you through your experience step by step, all the way from browsing for recipes to delivery. Once you're ready to cook be sure to use your Meli device to help you create an amazing meal!

jpeg of meli.jpg

Mobile App

Let's walk through the app to understand all the features Meli has to offer...
How the app works
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